HUNT Study

The Nord Trondelag Health Study

Study website:
Organization website:
Study population size:  120000 participants
Study population:  healthy participants,  aged 50 – 65 years old
Imaging modality 1: MRI – Brain MRI
Imaging modality 2: Ultrasound – Cardiac, liver.

Key publications:

  • Dalen H, et al. Segmental and global longitudinal strain and strain rate based on echocardiography of 1266 healthy individuals: the HUNT study in Norway. Eur J Echocardiogr, 2010.
  • Dalen H, et al. Reference values and distribution of conventional echocardiographic Doppler measures and longitudinal tissue Dopple velocities in a population free from cardiovascular disease. Circ Cardiovasc Imaging, 2010.
  • Honningsvag LM, et al. Does health differ between participants and non-participants in the MRI-HUNT study, a population based neuroimaging study? The Nord-Trøndelag health studies 1984–2009. BMC Med Imaging, 2012.



Norwegian Brain Study – Mechanisms of Mental Disorders – Bipolar Disorder

Study website: n.a.
Organization website: and 
Study population size: 400 participants
Study population: patients with bipolar disorder, aged 18 – 65 years old
Imaging modality 1: MRI – Brain MRI

Key publications: not yet available (imaging started 2011).



Prognosis of dementia in the Elderly

Study website: n.a.
Organization website:
Study population size: 340 participants
Study population:   psychiatric patients (depression),  aged 60 years and older
Imaging modality 1: MRI – Brain MRI

Key publications: not yet available.


TOP Study

Mechanisms of Mental Disorders – Psychosis

Study website: n.a.
Organization website: 
Study population size: 1500 participants
Study population:  1000 patients with bipolar disorder / 500 healthy participants,  aged 18 – 60 years old
Imaging modality 1: MRI – Brain MRI

Key publications:

  • Stefansson H, et al. Large recurrent microdeletions associated with schizophrenia. Nature, 2008.
  • Stefansson H, et al. Common variants conferring risk of schizophrenia. Nature, 2009.
  • Rimol LM, et al. Sex-Dependent Association of Common Variants of Microcephaly Genes with Brain Structure. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 2010.
  • Rimol LM,  et al. Cortical thickness and subcortical volumes in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Biol Psychiatry, 2010.


The Tromso Study

Study website:
Organization website:  
Study population size: 40051 participants
Study population:  healthy participants,  aged 20 – 79 years old
Imaging modality 1: X-ray – DXT at distal forearm
Imaging modality 2: Ultrasound – Carotid artery, cardiac, aorta
Imaging modality 3: MRI – Brain MRI
Imaging modality 4: DEXA – spine, hip

Key publications:

  • Bjørnerem A, et al.Circulating sex steroids, sex hormone-binding globulin, and longitudinal changes in forearm bone mineral density in postmenopausal women and men: the Tromsø study. Eur J Endocrinol, 2007.
  • Johnsen SH, et al. Relation of common carotid artery lumen diameter to general arterial dilating diathesis and abdominal aortic aneurysms: the Tromsø Study. Am J Epidemiol, 2009.
  • Schirmer H, et al. Mitral flow derived Doppler indices of left ventricular diastolic function in a general population; the Tromso study. Eur Heart J, 2000.
  • Emaus N, et al. Bone mineral density at the hip in Norwegian women and men–prevalence of osteoporosis depends on chosen references: the Tromsø Study. Eur J Epidemiol, 2009.