The Perspectief Program “Population Imaging Genetics (ImaGene)” has been granted

Objective of the Program: The objective of the Program is to develop and evaluate novel methods to fully exploit imaging and genetics data from population studies in an integrated manner, for (early) disease detection, diagnosis, prognosis, therapy planning and therapy monitoring.  Prof. Dr. W.J. Niessen is program Leader.

Projects part of the Program:  

Project 1: Search for the yet unknown, projectleader: A.W.M. Smeulders (UvA / CWI), with participants: UvA, CWI, Euvision 

Project 2: Visual Analysis in Population Imaging Research, projectleader: Dr. C.P. Botha (TU Delft / LUMC), with participants: TU Delft EWI, LUMC Image Processing / Radiology, Erasmus MC, Medis, Synerscope, Treparel 

Project 3: Genes in Space, projectleader: B.P.F. Lelieveldt (LUMC / TU Delft), with participants: TU Delft EWI, LUMC Image Processing / Radiology / Molecular Genetics, Erasmus MC, Percuros, Skyline Diagnostics, Treparel 

Project 4: Advanced diffusion tensor MRI based phenotyping for imaging genetic studies, projectleader: Dr. F.M. Vos (TU Delft / AMC), with participants: Erasmus MC Epidemiology,  TU Delft TNW, Erasmus MC BIGR, Biotronics 3D, Philips Healthcare 

Project 5: Imaging Genetics to unravel the causes of Alzheimer’s Disease, projectleader: Dr. M.A. Ikram (Erasmus MC), with participants: Erasmus MC Epidemiology, Erasmus MC BIGR, Erasmus MC Radiology, GE Healthcare, IBM, Quantib 

Project 6: High-field (7T) MR Imaging genetics for early prediction of neurocognitive impairment in diabetes, projectleader: Prof.dr. E. Formisano (Maastricht University Medical Center), with participants: UMCU Image Sciences, UMCU Radiology, NKI Medical Oncology, NKI Bioinformatics, Guerbet, Philips Research 

Project 7: Computer-aided risk assessment of breast cancer using gene-correlated dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI, project leader: Dr. K.G.A. Gilhuijs (UMC Utrecht), with participants: UMCU Image Sciences Institute, Radiology, NKI Medical Oncology, NKI Bioinformatics, Guerbet, Philips Research

Project 8: Cardiovascular phenotype-genotype analysis within a CT based lung cancer screening trial, projectleader: Dr. I. Išgum (UMC Utrecht), with participants: UMCU Image Sciences Institute, UMCU Radiology, UMCU Medical Genetics, Medis, PIE Medical Imaging, 3mensio Medical Imaging

 Activities on Program Level:  A Program Committee will be installed. This program committee is responsible for overseeing the overall progress of the programme, the coherence of the programme, and interdependencies between projects. The following member are taking part in this Program Committee: Prof Dr. M. Breeuwer (Philips, TUE), Dr. Ir. B. Goedhart (Medis), Prof. Dr. Ir. B.P.F. Lelieveldt (LUMC, TU Delft), Prof. Dr. W.J. Niessen (Erasmus MC, TU Delft), Prof. Dr. A.W. Smeulders (CWI)

Meetings:  A Kick Off meeting will be organized in November/December 2012.  Two times per year programme meetings will be organized in workshop style in which all projects present their progress. Confidentiality arrangements apply or are made per project. In case it is necessary to share confidential information on program meetings, arrangements can be made by STW.

 Start of the Projects: We aim to start the programme on January 1, 2013. STW wants to have all project started before July 1, 2013. Before a project can start, the contractual arrangement as mentioned below needs to be in place for all projects. 

 Contractual Arrangement per Project: For all projects the STW conditions apply. In particular the ‘general funding conditions’ and ‘ guidelines task and working method of user committee’ apply. These regulations include arrangements on IPR, publication and confidentiality. Per project, the academic partners that receive the funding will receive and sign for approval a letter confirming the amount of funding. Per project, the in kind and/or cash contribution of an industrial partner will be laid down per project and per industrial partner by letter. STW will send the letter to the industrial partner concerned. Per project and in case the in kind and/or cash contribution of an industrial partner exceeds 10% of the project budget, this industrial partner can be offered an option agreement. With this option agreement the partner has the first right to acquire exploitation rights on IPR developed in the project, provided it falls within  a specific application field that is of interest to the industrial partner. STW will take the lead in arranging this option right either per contract or per letter as referred to above.

STW strives to have all contractual arrangements mentioned above in place on 1 January 2013.

Contact persons STW:  All program and project matters: Dr. Piet Lommerse, Program Officer; 030-6001311. Contractual and IPR matters: Sandra Oudejans LL.M., MSc, adjunct head legal department,, 030-6001282.