Role for Population Imaging in the Medical Delta Initiative

The Medical Delta initiative is based on the synergy of the universities of Leiden, Rotterdam, and Delft. Located within a radius of 14 km where scientists work closely together to revolutionize medical technology and develop novel research infrastructure.

Currently, a significant part of the healthcare budget in the Netherlands is used for treatment of cardiovascular and neurovascular diseases. These costs are expected to rise because the prevalence of these diseases increases with age and the growing number of elderly in our society.

Imaging technology has made a major contribution to the improvement of the perspectives of patients suffering from cardiovascular and neurovascular diseases. Innovations in imaging technology will continue to improve the outcome of these patients, and at the same time help to decrease healthcare costs associated with these diseases.

Many projects in varying sizes are part of the Medical Delta program which are run by many involved scientists. Some are particularly committed to several Medical Delta focus fields, a.o. Prof. Dr. Wiro Niessen (Erasmus MC/TU Delft) with “Imaging and image guided medicine”.

Population imaging is going to play an important roll in the Medical Delta Initiative.