Minister Rouvoet invests in Generation R

Resigning minister André Rouvoet for youth and family is going to invest 4,5 million euro in Generation R, the large population cohort of the Erasmus MC among 10,000 children. This investment makes it possible for the study to enter the next phase: ‘Focus on 9’. This afternoon minister Rouvoet announced the amount at the Erasmus MC in the presence of some of the participants.

Minister André Rouvoet: “The results of Generaton R are very useful in the daily practice of education and growing.”
Researchers of Generation R and the Erasmus MC are very pleased with the investment of 4,5 million euro.  Vincent Jaddoe, director of Generation R: “This investment enables us to realize the next phase of Generation R. In this phase, each participant will be extensively studied the moment they reach the age of 9. Therefore we call this new research phase ‘Focus on 9’. It is a continuance of the research phase ‘Focus on 5’ when all participants were intensively studied when they reached the age of 5. This way we try to found out why certain health problems or development issues occur more frequently in some children. It can help find a better grip on, for example, behavioural problems or chronic diseases.”
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Source: Erasmus MC (in Dutch)