2nd Workshop Population Imaging

Workshop on Population Imaging March 25, 2010, The Hague, The Netherlands

The importance for setting up the European Population Imaging Infrastructure (EPI2) in the Netherlands was underlined during a workshop held on Thursday, March 25, 2010. Key representatives from Dutch medical sciences, industry, government, and research councils discussed the initiative of EPI2 in the Netherlands, also in the context of Euro-BioImaging, a project on the roadmap led by EMBL and EIBIR. There was general agreement on the importance of population imaging, building on the strong position of the Netherlands both in population studies and biomedical imaging. EPI2 will be embedded in a strong knowledge infrastructure encompassing also public/private partnerships like CTMM, TI Pharma and Ti-GO. The latter was considered as one of the key factors for success.

All participants agreed on the basic principles laid down in a position paper called: ‘European Population Imaging Infrastructure. A Proposal for the Netherlands’. In the coming months this position paper will be finalized and a consultation process will be initiated to discuss funding opportunities and further steps.


Report Workshop Population Imaging 2010 – Dutch version

List of Participants:

List of Participants Workshop Population Imaging 2010


Introduction and Goal of this Workshop by Gabriel P. Krestin (Chairman) (Erasmus MC)

Role and Experience Rotterdam Scan Study by Meike Vernooij (Erasmus MC)

European Context and Dutch Initiative by Gabriel P. Krestin (Chairman) (Erasmus MC)

Survey Results by Mark A. van Buchem (LUMC)

Data Management and Infrastructure by Boudewijn P.F. Lelieveldt (LUMC)

S.O.P.’s and Ethical Issues by Aad van der Lugt (Erasmus MC)

Organisation and Finance by Wouter Spek (TIB Development)

About ZonMw by Edvard P. Beem (ZonMw)

Positioning of Population Imaging in The Netherlands (in Dutch) by Edvard P. Beem (ZonMw)

Conclusions and Further Steps by Gabriel P. Krestin (Chair) (Erasmus MC)