ESF Research conference grant proposal

We are excited to announce that our Letter of Intent for a new Research Conferences Series in collaboration with the European Science Foundation has been selected for development into a full proposal. The ESF Research Conferences Scheme (see also provides the opportunity for leading scientists and young researchers to meet for discussions on the most recent developments in their fields of research. It acts as a catalyst for creating new synergistic contacts throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Our proposed new series will encompass Population Imaging in a broad sense, aiming to bring together stakeholders from various disciplines, including epidemiology, radiology, image processing, clinical sciences, health services research and policy makers, to discuss challenges and opportunities in the emerging field of Population Imaging. In the beginning of May 2011, a funding decision will be made by the ESF governance and the Chief Executive. Allocation of ESF funds to our proposal will enable us to organize the first International Conference on Population Imaging in Rotterdam in 2012!