‘Knowledge investments strengthen Dutch economy..

..  and will rather pay’ according to Alexander Rinnooy Kan, SER president and president of the working group Knowledge Investment Agenda (KIA) of the Dutch Innovation Platform. Rinnooy Kan makes his statement during the presentation of the evaluation 2010 of the KIA.

The evaluation shows that the total investments in the Netherlands in education, knowledge and innovation is lagging behind the best achieving knowledge societies. The Netherlands still did not catch up with the global top 5 in 2009. The report ‘Build on talent!’ quotes: ‘a new research line that leads to knowledge utilization cannot be set up in 4 to 6 years, this takes 10 to 15 years’. This statement sharply contrasts with the fact that the top institute TI Pharma is still in the dark about their future funding, despite an excellent Mid-Term Review.

Source: Knowledge Information Platform and TI Pharma (in Dutch)