Call on Cabinet: Dutch education and science to world’s top 5

The performance of the Dutch higher education and research is good, but should be better in order to bring our country to the top 5 knowledge economies of the world. Efficiency measures alone are not enough: the Dutch education and research already reach good performance with limited resources. Joining in with the top needs more. The difference in performance can only be bridged when the Netherlands is also able to mend the difference in investments. (According to: Special Newsletter VSNU November 2009)

With motion-Hamer the Dutch Second Board has called on the Dutch Cabinet to bring the Netherlands to the Top 5 in the World.

In reaction to the motion-Hamer that was passed unanimously, 26 partners of the ‘Kennisinvesteringsagenda’ (among other NWO, NGI, ICTRegie and STW) have expressed their support in a letter to he Dutch Second Board, in which they stressed the importance of higher knowledge investments and offered to think along in realizing the request.

Source: NWO (in Dutch)