9th Pearl for Parelsnoer Initiative (PSI)

On February 4 a 9th pearl has been added to the Parelsnoer Initiative (PSI): CONgenitale CORvitea or CONCOR.  Since 2002 CONCOR has been coordinating the nationwide registration of clinical data and DNA of adult patients with congenital heart disease for scientific research. With the cooperation CONCOR can make use of the PSI infrastructure, thus making the collection and updating of information more efficient.  Barbara Mulder, cardiologist in the Academic Medical Centre and chairman of CONCOR: “PSI has a system of people, methods and IT-opportunities that makes it easier to, for instance, generate updates. This improves the quality of data and thus the research results”. On the other hand, the participation of CONCOR strengthens the position of PSI as a research stronghold, not only within the Netherlands, but also in Europe. Moreover, PSI can profit from the years of experience of CONCOR.

Contrary to the other 8 pearls, CONCOR will not be under responsibility of just one UMC, but under ICIN. In ICIN all cardiology departments of all academic centres are represented.

Source: Parelsnoer Initiative